64 pages with 9 activities that focus on the Unit 5 Topic 3: Unique Louisiana topic as outlined by the Louisiana State Department of education. These activities focus on answering the following standards and questions:

  • 3.2.4 Identify cultural elements that have contributed to the state’s heritage
  • 3.4.7 Describe the importance of natural resources in Louisiana using maps
  • 3.7.1 Identify various ways that people earn income and how earning income contributes to the economic well-being of their community and state
  • 3.9.2 Investigate the responsibilities and characteristics of various jobs
  • Claim 1 How do the geography, history, culture, and economy of Louisiana establish our state’s unique identity?
  • Claim 2 How can citizens help Louisiana as we move into the future?
  • Claim 3 How has Louisiana changed over time yet preserved unique aspects of its rich heritage?