10 Distance Learning activities that focus on the Unit 5 Topic 1: Louisiana’s Economic Relationships topic as outlined by the Louisiana State Department of education.

It also includes the original Interactive and Worksheet Edition Unit 5 Topic 1 Part B – Louisiana’s Economic Relationships

This version can be used in both Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams.

★★★★★TOPIC FOCUS★★★★★

These activities focus on answering the following standards and questions:

  • 3.8.1 – Investigate the economic concepts of opportunity cost, scarcity, and surplus/shortage and give examples of each based on needs and wants
  • 3.8.2 – Investigate ways in which people are producers and consumers and explain why they depend on one another
  • 3.8.3 – Describe the basic concepts of supply and demand and explain how competition affects the prices of goods and services
  • 3.8.4 – Explain how producers and consumers affect prices
  • 3.9.1 – Explain the concepts of specialization and interdependence in the production of goods and services
  • 3.10.1 – Differentiate between imports and exports of goods in Louisiana
  • Claim 1 – How do different factors affect production and price
  • Claim 2 – How do people impact the economy?


  1. Why do we Work?
  2. Characteristics of Different Jobs
  3. How do we earn an income?
  4. Saving your Income
  5. Comparative Shopping
  6. Education and Earnings Power
  7. Louisiana’s Industries
  8. Louisiana’s Unique Economy DBQ
  9. Item Set
  10. Item Set