84 pages with 7 activities that focus on the Unit 5 Topic 1: Events of the French and Indian War topic as outlined by the Louisiana State Department of Education.

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Students build understanding of the causes and events associated with the French and Indian War to understand how war contributes to the development of civilizations. The French and Indian War between the British and their colonists and the French and their Native American allies was mostly over land ownership in North America. The war ended with Great Britain increasing the size of their land claims in North America. This was important to Great Britain, as they depended on the British colonies and wanted to ensure their success.


● Interactive notebook and worksheet versions of all the activities.
● Teacher guides and answer documents.


  1. Why do they Want America?
  2. The Forks
  3. George Washington’s Journal
  4. Motivation for Entering the French and Indian War
  5. Join or Die
  6. Native American Alliances
  7. Item Set