10 Distance Learning activities that focus on the Unit 1 Topic 3: Living in Louisiana topic as outlined by the Louisiana State Department of Education.

It also includes the original Interactive Notebook and Worksheet Edition Unit 1 Topic 3 – Living in Louisiana

★★★★★TOPIC FOCUS★★★★★

  • How are different types of communities similar and different?

  • How do we see elements of culture in a place?


● Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint versions of all the activities.
● Sources are digitally displayed online. (Subscription Needed)
● Teacher guides and answer documents.


  1. Different Types of Communities

    1. Identifying Different Types of Communities

    2. Identifying Different Types of Communities – Population Density Map

    3. Describing a Community

  2. Differences and Similarities between Communities

    1. Mardi Gras

    2. Jambalaya

    3. Festivals

  3. Technology

    1. Technology and Sugarcane

    2. New Technology in Louisiana

  4. Symbols

  5. Landmarks

  6. How do we see Culture in a Place?

  7. Art

  8. Architecture and Landmarks