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Distance Learning activities that focus on the Unit 1 Topic 2: Defining Culture topic as outlined by the Louisiana State Department of Education.

★★★★★TOPIC FOCUS★★★★★

  • Compare and contrast the influence of cultural groups in Louisiana
  • Identify cultural elements that have contributed to the state’s heritage
  • What is culture?
  • What does it mean to be unique?
  • How do Louisiana’s cultural characteristics make it unique?


● Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint versions of all the activities.
● Sources are digitally displayed online. (Subscription Needed)


  1. What is Culture?
  2. What does it mean to be unique?
  3. How is Louisiana’s Culture Unique?
  4. How did it get that way?
  5. Gumbo
  6. Mardi Gras
  7. Speaking French
  8. Louisiana’s Cultural Regions
  9. Item Set (Google Format Only)