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Distance Learning that focus on the Unit 1 Topic 1: The Many Maps of the United States topic as outlined by the Louisiana State Department of education.

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● 4.4.1 – Locate and label continents, oceans, the poles, hemispheres, and key parallels and meridians on a map and globe
● 4.4.4 – Measure approximate distance on a map using scale to the nearest hundredth mile
● 4.4.5 – Determine the approximate longitude and latitude coordinates of various locations in the United States
● 4.4.6 – Interpret various types of maps using a key/legend, compass rose including cardinal and intermediate directions, latitude/longitude, and scale
● Claim 1 – What information do maps tell us about a given area?
● Claim 2 – How do we read a map?
● Claim 3 – Why do we use maps?


● Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint versions of all the activities.
● Sources are digitally displayed online.
● Teacher guides and answer documents.


  1. Parts of a Map
  2. Using a Distance Scale on a Map
  3. Latitude and Longitude
  4. Continent, Oceans, and Hemispheres
  5. Reading a Map
  6. Comparing Maps
  7. Maps Instructional Task
  8. Item Set (Google Format only)
  9. Standalone Items (Google Format only)