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13 Distance Learning activities that focus on the Unit 1 Topic 1: The Place Called Louisiana  topic as outlined by the Louisiana State Department of Education.

★★★★★TOPIC FOCUS★★★★★

  • How does Louisiana’s geography and natural resources impact people?
  • Identify the hemispheres in which Louisiana is located
  • Locate and label major geographic features of Louisiana on a map
  • Construct an outline map of Louisiana from memory
  • Locate specific places on a map using a simple grid system
  • Describe the importance of natural resources in Louisiana using maps


● Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint versions of all the activities.
● Sources are digitally displayed online. (Subscription Needed)


  1. Map of Louisiana

  2. Parts of a Maps

  3. Compass Rose

  4. Hemispheres

  5. A Grid System

  6. Louisiana’s Physical Features

  7. Major Geographic Features Map

  8. Louisiana’s Physical Regions

  9. Louisiana’s Geography

  10. Louisiana’s Natural Resources

  11. Importance of Natural Resources

  12. Outline Map (not available in digital form)

  13. Item Set