As part of the 8th grade Louisiana History Curriculum Unit 5 part B has students examine the rights and responsibilities of Louisiana citizens that enable them to become informed participants in civic life,  through the following standards:

8.8.1      Describe ways in which citizens can organize, monitor, or influence government and politics at the local, state, and national levels

8.8.2      Explain the importance of being an informed citizen on public issues, recognizing propaganda, and knowing the voting issues

One of the key claims of this section is to answer this question; Why might citizens want to make changes to a law? Students have to be able to understand and answer why people want to make changes to a law. How do you create an activity that allows students to answer the claim as well as using the new instructional shifts:

  1. Shift 1: Use sources regularly to learn content.
  2. Shift 2: Make connections among people, events, and ideas across time and place.
  3. Shift 3: Express informed opinions supported by evidence from sources and outside knowledge.

Let’s look at the following source


Students will look at the source (shift 1) and make an analysis as well as an informed opinion (shift 3) why people would change a law. In this instance people wanted to change the law because the law, prohibition, was not working (shift 2 making connections). Prohibition created more problems than it solved and people of the United States recognized this and demanded it be over turned.

Using the scope and sequences claims and the new shifts allows students to get a more in depth look at the content. It also allows the students to earn their knowledge.

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